Permanent directory when fail

Hi There!

I pointed xwiki permanent directory to a especific drive letter ( G:\ ) . Everithing was running ok.

But this drive letter disapear (network problem). Then permanent diretory automaticaly change to tomcat temp dir.

There is a way to avoid this? If permanent directory doest exists, give an error to user, ou even shutdown server. Is very important that attachments always is on this location for backup reasons.

And, another question: How to merge two permanent directorys if this problem happen?


yes, make it permanent! :slight_smile: There’s a reason it’s called the permanent directory :wink: it must always exist.

Now, I would also like to change the current behavior and fail xwiki when the perm dir is not set. I’ve created Loading... You can watch it to be notified of progress.


Yes, I know, but this drive letter is pointed to a storage on the network. Sometimes the machine can go down for any reason (like energy shortage ou something else) and then files will be saved on a wrong directory, messing everything.

Thanks for the the Jira, I will Follow!