Persistant issue on XWiki 11.10.12 (Jump to WebHome)

I upgraded my XWiki version on preprod server but the Jump to shortcut issue is still there.

when I use ‘Jump to’ WebHome is not listed if I type “MySpace.W”

But I have more important issue then I can not upgrade my 10.11.3 version still because the “Save and Close” button issue



[XWIKI-18039] “Jump to Page” feature doesn’t propose WebHome page after dot is typed was fixed by implementing the page picker (please see Improved Jump to Page from Release Notes).

I’ve tested it on XWiki 11.10.12 and the page picker works:



@Pbas it’s working because it’s now using the page picker and that picker only cares about characters from page name. When you type the dot it’s looking for a reference containing MySpace\.W. It doesn’t find it.

An improvement issue was created for this: [XWIKI-18234] Improve Page picker to match both dot as a page name char and as a separator and suggest them both.

@Pbas see my comment on XWIKI-18234. The content is organized in a hierarchy of nested pages. You have some top level pages like Sandbox and then each page can have child pages. The Sandbox page has by default 3 child pages and none of them start with “W”. So it’s normal that you don’t get any results when typing “Sandbox.W”. Create one and you’ll see it gets listed. The live table location filter works in the same way (check it on the Page Index). Moreover, the nested page tree doesn’t show any “WebHome” child page of Sandbox. This “WebHome” suffix in the page reference is a technical thing that we want to hide from the end users.