Pick your Recommended Installation package

We’ve received feedback that there are too many options when downloading XWiki and we should pick and highlight one option, the one that we recommend.

So the question is: What XWiki package should be the ‘recommended’ one?

  • ZIP (+Flavor)
  • ZIP
  • WAR
  • DEB
  • Docker
  • XIP

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The question is more complex, from considering the target user, his expertise, his needs, the OS, etc. but no matter these options, there should be a “default” value, the ‘recommended’ package we should suggest someone wanting to install XWiki.

IMO we should optimise for speed of testing and stability. So does this means that the Debian package should be the recommended one?

We should direct beginner users to test XWiki on the Try instances instead of downloading XWiki.

Also is Jetty (ZIP) is targeted mostly to developers and testers?

What do you think?

Your question is not precise enough.

You need to mention if it’s for testing xwiki or for using xwiki in production.

I’m not sure why we need a poll for this…

the problem is that I don’t think you question is correct… it depends on the OS (are they on Debian) and on the infra IT knowledge (whether they’re used to put docker in production)…

So for production use the answer is:

  • Docker if you’re used to put docker in production (and the supported features are the one you need - for ex, it doesn’t support clustering FTM)
  • Debian if you’re on debian/apt-get
  • Manual WAR if you want to control the DB and Servlet Container or if the previous 2 points do not apply for you.

This is why I’ve been pushing to have a wizard letting you choose your OS first, as it’s done elsewhere.

If someone (most probably a Sys Admin) would want to test XWiki on premises, which version would you recommend? The fastest, simplest way?

For testing the zip is by far the simplest.

Provided you have Java installed. If you don’t have Java then Docker is about the same since you’ll need to install Docker vs Java. Similar chore.

But I think most people are not familiar with Docker so I’d still say the ZIP one.

Yes for testing XWiki locally you can hardly do better than the all in one zip package but that’s just one use case.