Planned upgrade of on thursday 25th May

Hello everyone,

we are planning to perform an upgrade of and all subwikis (including this thursday 25th of May, starting at 9h CEST.

The upgrade might take the full day and the wiki will be put in readonly during the time of the upgrade. There should not be service interruption.

I’ll keep you updated on this thread.


we’re going to start the upgrade. All websites will be put in readonly.

Just for info: the upgrade is still ongoing, there’s currently only one node available for so it might be less stable than usual.

So the upgrade is not done yet, I still need some time to ensure everything’s ok. I will resume the upgrade tomorrow.

Hi everyone,

the upgrade is now finished. is now running on XWiki 14.10.11. We didn’t had any major issue during the upgrade, but we took some time to fix a few problems with old pages remaining on the wiki.

If you’re seeing problems that might be related to the upgrade don’t hesitate to tell us.