Planned upgrade on monday 02/11

Hi everyone,

we are planning to perform an upgrade of and its subwikis (including dev, playground and extensions) starting Monday, November the 2nd at 9:30 Paris Time.

Normally the wikis should remain all available during the upgrade, but they will be put on read-only during the upgrade. I will keep you informed here about the status of the upgrade.

And commons, rendering, playgroundtemplate, platform too! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

as planned we started the upgrade this morning. We will put all wikis on in readonly mode in few minutes, please save now your editions if you have any to avoid losing them.

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that and its subwikis have been properly upgraded to XWiki 12.6.4.
You might see that some notifications are missing for a few days, time for us to properly migrate all the events, but this shouldn’t last long.
Let us know here if you see any problem on in the coming days.