Planned upgrade

Hi everyone,

we are planning an upgrade of to the current LTS (12.10.5) starting tomorrow. It means that (and subwikis including will be read only for the duration of the upgrade that we estimate for two days (16 and 17 March).
I’ll keep you updated here.


Hi, we are starting the upgrade now, will be readonly for few hours.

Hi everyone, upgrade is still running since yesterday, we’re actively working on it but we experienced some issues that took us more time than expected. So we’re not sure yet that the upgrade will be finished today. I’ll keep you posted here.

To be a bit transparent about what happened, here’s some information:
Apparently we did not properly fully migrated our database in the past to use the right charset which caused some problems when performing our automatic migrations: it took us some time to find the issue and fix it properly everywhere.
Now the wiki is almost fully migrated but we are performing the update of Extension Repository Application in which is taking a huge amount of time: apparently we did not do it for a while so lots of xobjects needs to be updated. We are currently waiting for this one to be complete before finishing the process.

Sorry for inconveniance.

Hello everyone, upgrade is still running but we are confident that it should be finished by the end of the day.

As indicated yesterday the update on was really long and it finished only this morning. We are now performing the final steps of the migration process and we are ensuring everything’s working fine.

Thanks for understanding.

So as announced this morning, we just finished the upgrade of to 12.10.5. Sorry again for the latency to get it back working properly.