PlantUML as our best practice for diagrams for

Hi everyone,

I’d like to propose to make PlantUML our best practice format when adding diagrams on (rather than insert images for which we don’t have the sources).

Example usage:


Available diagram types and syntaxes:

If everyone is ok I’ll modify accordingly.



+1 Thanks

I was going to suggest to add XWiki to but it’s already there :slight_smile:
Also, several online tools exist with a live visualization of the diagrams (see or It also seems to be integrated with IntelliJ and Eclipse.

+1 it will be much easier to update some existing schema, even if it’s going to take some time to learn all that :slight_smile:

This will be useful, thanks !

Isn’t there any visual editor available?

Manuel mentioned a few that provide live rendering (or close to live, with the hit of a button). It’s probably nicer than visual editors to learn the syntax.

Note that the learning was not an issue for me when I used it for the first time to convert the 2 existing diagrams. I was really amazed at how fast I was able to do it (I was expecting to struggle a lot more ;)).

OK, +1 then.

Documentation added to

Note: I’ve mentioned to use the bluegray theme which is the one I’ve used after testing several. If someone disagrees we can always do a vote.