Potential Bug in 14.10.2 - page suggestions not appearing

I’ve just noticed that in 14.10.2 that when I create a link to an internal page, the UI no longer gives me suggested pages.

Previously, if I started typing in the name of a page, the UI would suggest a page with a matching or similar name.

Can anyone else confirm if they have the same problem and that it’s not just a problem with my installation?

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 17.33
no pages suggested.

Currently, I have to browse through the document tree to find the pages I want.

I confirm this is a regression. May I ask you to create an issue on Jira?

Will do!

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This issue is now fixed and will be available on 14.10.3, planned as soon as possible next week.

@pdwalker thanks for reporting this issue, this is very valuable!

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You’re most welcome.