Presentation Application 2.0 Released

The Presentation Application makes it possible to create slideshows from XWiki pages. It is handy for creating presentations quickly and for taking advantage of the cascading stylesheets power for designing advanced layouts.

Version 2.0 has been released, it comes with the following changes and improvements:

  • Slide display is now based on Bootstrap Carousel (the previous library, html5slides, is not supported anymore).
  • The slideshow dimensions get updated on browser resize so that slides keep the same layout on all screen sizes.
  • The slideshow uses the wiki skin itself rather than a dedicated one, only a custom stylesheet is used, except for the print layout.
  • Presentations can be created directly via the create action, like any other structured content in XWiki.

Read more about the application on its documentation page, which includes a small demo. Your feedback and ideas are welcome, they will help improve the application.

Beware the structure of the application structure has changed between versions 1.4 and 2.0. In particular, the PresentationClass was moved to space Presentation.Code. At the moment, the application does not come with a migrator, but a snippet can easily be provided if needed, or a more advanced migrator.

The next steps could include the following:

  • Support PDF export via the standard XWiki PDF generator (only the Google Chrome PDF generator works at the moment).
  • Restore the addition of the current slide number in the URL fragment.
  • Provide more examples including some with full screen background images.
  • Support animations such as what is possible with deck.js.
  • Add a presenter mode similar to what remarkjs offers.


Nice! Thanks for working on this application!

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yes, very cool, thanks for taking over @slauriere! :slight_smile:

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