Prevent creation of pages with "/" and "\" in the name

By default the Tomcat configuration doesn’t allow the characters “/” and " \ " in the page name , which leads to inaccessible pages in XWiki.
"Page not found! " message is displayed and the page can’t be rename without a script.
This issue is very often encountered and the vast majority of use cases don’t require “/” or " \ " in page names (not page title) . This behavior does more harm than good.
I propose to change the current behavior and not allow creation of the pages with these characters in the name.

Do you have any opinions on this?



I don’t like it (because it artificially restricts xwiki’s capabilities) but so many people experience the issue that I think we should do that (ie have a default config that works OOB with default Tomcat). And I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of use cases don’t require “/” or “” in page names, so it would be ok).

More generally we should offer the ability for the user to specify characters that would be stripped out in the Admin UI (and/or propose several options for cleaning up). And have “/” and “” be excluded by default.

We should also offer an API/Extension Point so that a developer could contribute some custom logic to generate good page names (using AI, custom cleanup, etc).