Pro/Contra of xwiki on docker in production?

Dear community and devs,

i’ve successfully installed the latest xwiki stable on docker ce on a CentOS host, using the stable tomcat postgres image.
It works like a charm, including test-imports of xar backups of production, subwikis, LDAP authentication, …

On below the Docker Image link you state: “An easy solution to test a full-fledged XWiki, with a configuration very close to a production setup.”

Sooo, what are the differences / disadvantages of this setup versus an old-school installation using tomcat and postgresql? Is anyone of you running a xwiki production instance on docker?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mario

I’m also interested in the answer to those questions! :slight_smile:

IMO if you know how to run Docker in production then you’re good. This means knowing how to:

  • create/restore backups (easy since you only need to save the permanent directory)
  • upgrade XWiki (easy again since you just need to point a new docker container to the existing permanent directory)
  • monitor docker containers, e.g. restart them if they’re down
  • etc

The XWiki docker images are still missing some configuration abilities such as clustering, etc. See


PS: I’m one of the creators of the Docker images for XWiki