Problem setting up permissions for child pages

Hi, everyone! I’m trying to set up my company wiki which should have multiple projects docs.

I’ve decided not to use subwikis to limit group access and used subpages with group permissions set. But despite explicitly set permission for user group other group have access to the page.

So Main wiki page are set up like this: XWikiAdminGroup - all permissions, others - Unset
Project page is set up like this: Project group - all permissions, others - Unset

What am I doing wrong? How do I limit the page only to be accessible by the Project group?

Hi @xumix,

Are you expecting that Project page is not accessible by admin users? It is not possible to deny admins’ rights.

Hi @acotiuga!
I expect normal users to be restricted from getting into other’s projects pages.
I have 2 projects and 2 groups for them. The permissions are set as described(same for Project 1 & 2).

Somehow Project1 page is restricted for anyone except Group1 and admins, but Project2 is accessible by both Group1 and Group2.

Can you provide some screenshots of your rights table? In my tests, with minimal rights management I was able to restrict access to a group for a page (and children).

@acotiuga here is main page permissions
here is the restricted page permissions:

user that is NOT from the selected group is still able to view the page

Please make sure the the user from the other group is not also a member of XWikiAdmin group or it does not have Admin right, checking the users right.

Yeah, I’ve checked that

What about the global rights? Anything special with XWikiAllGroup? Have you also tried with a different user, in case the current one would have some rights applied on user ?

Also tried another user, same problem, is it possible to view some special user permissions? Or Maybe see the effective user permissions on the page?
This is my group permission settings page: