Problem with downloading attachments

Hello, my dear friends

After switching to version 14.10.4, there was a problem when saving attachments - they began to be marked as dangerous. Probably something damaged in my copy of XWiki.

If you have experienced this or you know how to solve it - please, help.

Maybe it doesn’t depend on XWIki, but there were no other changes in the system.



From the screen, you probably using Google Chrome as a web browser. I’ve tested on clean 14.10.4 with Google Chrome and MS Edge, and there’s no issue with downloading the attached images.
Do you have any extensions installed on your web-browser client? Or did you customize the browser settings, for instance Prevent users from downloading harmful files

Yes, it’s Chrome. Of the extensions, only the AdBlock is installed, but it has been for a long time, and the problem appeared only now. More precisely - after solving the problem with the maximum weight of the attached file (maybe not because of this, but because of the version update)

Now I deployed a clean version in docker - there is no problem there, the files are safe