Problem with Tags when searching


I’m actually on xwiki enterprise 9.2 and i’ve got some issues with the research bar.

I actually put some tags on a few pages and when i’m searching for these pages i don’t have results for the pages with the tags i’m looking for.

Did you have any informations or clues to help me finding the problem ?

Thank you

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Anybody ? Can someone have a tiny clues for me ?


We might be able to help if you tell us the exact steps to reproduce the problem. Like for instance:

  • the exact tag you add
  • the exact search you do
  • the language of your wiki


Actually when i’m on an article like “Toto” i create a tag “Toto”, so when i’m gonna use the search bar and the key word “toto” i want to find the article.

The language of my wiki is French (
I hope it’s the expected answer)


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By default, the search suggest doesn’t look in Tags, but you can configure it. Read a bit about how you can add a new Source in

For tags it should look something like this:

After you add this new source that allows you to also displays Tags, the search suggest will display something like:

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Thank for the reply i’m gonna read this.


i’ve managed to implement Tags in the Search’s Suggests!

  1. they don’t appear when i’m searching, unlike other suggests
  2. The search function doesn’t always find them - there are tags i placed extra for finding a particular wiki page and those just wont show up in the results

any ideas?

thank you in advance

Hi, can you upload your screenshots again, they look broken. What needs to be set to include tags? This should be activated by default imho. Regards