Problem with view animated gif in 13.10.6 after resize

As 2015 written in mailing list ( we face this problem again.

An animated gif resized isn’t animated anymore.

[[image:Archiv IN.gif||alt="IN" height="500" width="415"]]

This is animated:

[[image:Archiv IN.gif||alt="IN"]]

We are using XWiki 13.10.6. Do we something wrong?

Regards, Simpel

Sorry didn’t read the mailing list til the end:

How to resolve this problem ?
See How to improve the avatar image quality? (
. Disable the automatic server-side image resize.

I will test it.

Hey @Simpel,

I’m a new user testing out editing functionality and stumbled across this same behavior. Did you ever get to verify if there was a solve for this or if this is an outstanding bug?

Edit: I’m on v15.10.7

We did

  • Disable the automatic server-side image resize
    as mentioned in my last post and link. That solved our problem.
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For future us, here are the related issues to this problem: