Problems 12.6 Mentions

Hi folks,

just upgraded to 12.6 and there a a lots of errors regarding the mentions in logs. I could not merge the xwiki.cfg and I cannot find the original 12.6 Version in the web. Do i have to add an Plugin in xwiki.cfg?

Result on the page:


error_mentions.txt (37.9 KB)

Help would be great.

Hi @jwielsch. This is indeed a problem brought by the new mentions feature, and we’re working on identifying the cause.

However it’s not supposed to cause any real problem. Have you noticed something not working as a result of these errors?

Why not?

I cannot find the original 12.6 Version in the web

I don’t understand. If you downloaded XWiki 12.6 then you have it :wink: (it’s in WEB-INF/).

Do i have to add an Plugin in xwiki.cfg?

For doing what? You don’t need anything more for mentions (no config is needed).


We’ve actually already identified and fixed the issue at

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Thank you very much. I’ll try to look into jira first next time.

Not a problem, I’m actually sorry that we let that issue slip in 12.6. We’ll probably release a 12.6.1 version in not too long (I’d say within 1 week).

Happens - and it does not scratch the overall shine of xwiki. i am relatively new to it - and i can not say how impressed and happy this piece of craftmanship makes my day at work. people here are engaging theirselfes, writing articles and put up their own knowledgebases for the existing routines, processes, products. The adopting rate is very high and not only I, but they(!) can not wait to get it out to the broad.

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It doesn’t happen that often that we get praises so thanks a lot @jwielsch :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the liberty to put it on I hope this is fine with you (let me know if I need to remove it).

Thanks again

no :slight_smile: that’s fine - and you guys should get a lot of these!