Production BUG: CKEditor Image Copy/Paste Error with Firefox Browsers


i have a question. I upgraded a few days bevor to the XWIKI Production Version 11.10.10 and with this to CKEditor 1.49.

Now if my Users Use Firefox in current Versions (80.0.1 or 68.12.0esr, different Workstations) and create (or edit) a site and Copy and Paste more than one Picture, then the Pictures will are be overwritten by the last uploaded (copy&Paste) Picture beacuse the System will Name every Copy & Paste Picture “image.png”.

I searched in the Web and found, that the exact Similar Problem was popped up (and fixed) years ago:

I i do the same scenario in an Internet Explorer --> Herer works it fine and every copy Paste picture becomes another Name.

Has someone an idea, how to fix that Problem, especially we are under guarantee not the only ones with this Problem.


Hi, i have the same issue - see:
or linked jira ticket in the last reply