Progress on Async placeholders issue XWIKI-19833

Not sure where to ask this or whether it is the case for a user to bump an issue, but are there any plans to work on the issue that gives troubles with async content Loading... ?

I check every new Roadmap published, but maybe that’s not the place where these kind of issues are listed :slight_smile:


the forum is a good place to ask this. Don’t hesitate to vote on the ticket you want to have implemented and also to comment on the tickets, whether to ask for progress or to say that you’re also impacted by the problem.
In general we’re trying to fix bugs as part of Bug Fixing Days (see that we do on thursdays, but the actual tickets we’re solving depends a lot on our priorities.
In any case, we’ll see if we can push for that one in the coming releases.

Bump? :grin:

I already voted the issue, but mine is the only vote there :sweat_smile: