Proposal: update the structure of the User display macro



I was updating the selector rules for undelining, and I stumbled upon som UserDisplay velocity macro.
This macro is used in multiple places in the XWiki standard flavor UI.
See more on this PR.


Change the structure of this macro. You can see the exact changes proposed on the PR linked above, here is a pseudocode highlight of the changes:


  <username> Alias </username>


  <username> <avatar> Alias </username>


  • styleContainer is used to set the styles on all user displays (no semantics).
  • username is typically a <a>, it brings interactivity and semantics to the content.


  • Putting the profile picture directly wrapped in username, which is often a link, allows users to click on the profile picture and get redirected to the profile. This could be considered as missing by some new users.
  • IMO this is clearer on the semantics level, it’s easy for anyone to understand that the profile picture is an alternative to the alias.


Do you agree with this change? Should we proceed with it?

Have a good day!
Lucas C.

I’m fine with the change but it needs a proper ticket + release notes about the dom change. And we should probably not backport that to LTS.