Public access and issues

I am a new user of Xwiki.
I have to create a ‘‘kowledge data bank’’ with several parts (maybe subwikis ?).
For the beginning, there are 2 parts, the frontend, is the ‘‘Public’’ part, and the backend for the admin and content providers.

Q1) How to create a page incuding the ‘‘search window’’, page accessible in the public part of the wiki?
I would like to get this :
inside a public page.
Is it possible with an include inside source code ?

Q2) When the search engine provides an answer with the name of document(s) stored in the base of documents, document including the correct right (View by …), how to view this document on screen, like I can do this with one “xwiki with user authentification (Id + pwd)”
At this time, in the public part, I got the name of the document-file, but I cannot view the document on screen nor download it. I just got the title of the document without link for viewing-downloading.

Thank you in advance for your help.