Query among objects

Hello everybody, i’m novice with xwiki and I need to make a project for
thesis reservations.

I need to put in relationship one each other tables named “teacher”
(teacher_id, name, surname and so on) and “student” (registration_number,
name, surname and so on) with the table “thesis” (thesis_id, title,
teacher_id (who is publisher), registration number (of student) and so on)
with some query that links tables among them.

Now i put them in three different classes (named teacher, student and
thesis) and try to link them with livetable but with no success.

Any suggestions will be appreciated

You need to use Database List.

See: http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Drafts/DatabaseListProperties

I hope it helps,


Thankyou Guillaume for your quick reply.

I’ll try to find out solution using Database List

Could you provide me with an example about using hibernate query between objects?
thankyou in advance

Maybe some of these examples can help you: