Question about appearance on profile page

Hi, I inherited the responsibility for an XWiki instance and am in need of some help.

I’ve looked into how to enable users to change their own themes, which I found information on how to achieve. As of now, I have not enabled that feature yet, because the two dark mode themes that came with Flamingo makes some elements in XWiki practically unreadable. I know you can customize a theme, but the elements which I have marked in red in the picture below are those I could not figure out anything about.

  1. I would like to adjust this whole pane.
  2. Guessing this has to do with currently used icon set?
  3. The same as above?


I also tried installing other dark mode themes, which were basically the same - unreadable on profile pages. I could not find the parameters that are related to the elements marked in the picture.

Could anyone point me in the direction of relevant information on how to edit these elements?

Best Regards,


EDIT: The picture above is of our test instance of XWiki, so it is not the theme we currently use. I used it for demonstrating what I need help with.

I noticed similar issues recently, the main cause is probably that some parts of XWiki just don’t use the theme colors. We have some issues like XWIKI-15237 or XWIKI-20436 for this. Feel free to open further issues for this. Most likely, none of this is hard to fix but it all requires time and time is limited and there are other things that have higher priority.

For your specific problem, it might be that a hard refresh could help if I read XWIKI-20407 correctly.

Thank you for your suggestions Michael! I will definitely have a look at these issues.

Will let you know if it solved my issue, when I get to it.

A hard refresh actually solved the problem with elements that were not changed with a theme change. One user noticed that when you search something on the wiki, the text that is marked had not been changed either, making it hard to read. A hard refresh solved that as well.