Recently modified documents panel - adjust # of entries?

Is there any recommended way of altering the # of entries in the " Recently modified documents" panel from the default 5?

I can go into the Panels and edit the “Recently Created” panel to change the default of 5, but I get a “scary” warning and I have to “force editing” to see the code and change the default from 5.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 14.34

Is there a better way, preferably one that won’t break future updates, or is this the recommended way?

Thanks for any advice.

I don’t think there is, I guess we would need to introduce some configuration for this panel (a jira issue would be great). It’s not a very active panel, so it’s probably safe enough to directly edit it for now. You will get a conflict when you upgrade if someone does implement this configurable number of entries and can choose to use the new version, keep your versions, etc. (of course it could come as a surprised if the one doing the upgrade is not aware of this customization).

An alternative is to simply copy/paste this panel and make it your own. Then no upgrade conflict or anything (but you won’t get improvements/bugfixes to this page of course).

Understood. Thanks for the clarification. It’s safe enough for me to edit then.

Good question. See