Recurring crashes

We have an installation of XWiki which crashes as soon as several users are using the platform (around 4 users (and more obviously…)).

We are using Apache Tomcat on the application server.
No matter how much vCPUs or memory we allocate to the server and app configuration, it ends by crashing, app is using all the available memory, and all vCPUs

This application server is behind an Apache server configured as a reverse proxy.
After a certain time of use, we don’t get any application server response. The reverse proxy then returns an error 503.

If anyone has any idea about that! :slight_smile:


it’s a bit hard to help you without any idea of the cause of the crash you’re getting. You should see if there’s any logs with a stacktrace that could provide some information about the cause of the crash.
You can also check on putting in place some monitoring like using glowroot to have a bit more information, see: Monitoring (
If the crash is related to an out of memory problem you can also check to enable automatic memory dumps in such case, see:

Would be nice to have more detail on what exactly you mean by “crash” because it can have very different causes depending on that. If Java/Tomcat is not running at all anymore (not listed in running executables) then it generally means it’s been killed by the kernel and this is generally the sign that Java is allocated more memory than the system has and is eventually killed to avoid harming the other applications.