Redirect all logins to the Main Wiki only

I’m having a little bit of trouble with the Azure AD Login and Sub Wiki’s.

Azure AD Login - Sub Wiki
Result: User does authenticates and lands on a subwiki page that says,
Error -You are not allowed to view this page or perform this action.

Login with Azure AD on the Main Wiki works perfect.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to have the Azure AD login work on Sub Wikis
    and if not that is ok.
  2. Can I edit something to cause all page hits that the user isn’t signed on to view, instead of redirect to that subwiki’s login page, have it redirect to the Main Wiki login.

I understand it won’t take them to the direct link they’ve attempt to see, but thats fine. At this point I need the Azure AD Login to work more than going to an unauthed link. Its fine if they always login and land at the Main Wiki default page and can go from there.

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Hi @michael.wood! Looks like you’re facins something like Access to subwiki forbidden if the View right is allowed for any group either on the main wiki level or subwiki level, and there are still rights issues after removing the right · Issue #11 · xwikisas/integration-azure-oauth · GitHub. You can open a new improvement task on the project for this need of configuring the Azure authentication to redirect always to the Main wiki.
Hope it helps!

Even if the problem doesn’t itself get fixed I’d love for all not logged in pages a person goes to, to simple redirect to the main wiki login.

This would cover up the entire problem from a user perspective until the subwiki login issue could be patched up.

I’ve looked all over the place. The best I have is the Logoff from the “Draw” on the right actually now sends you to the Main Wiki login after logoff, which you can then login successfully.

Add the following commit on the GitHub page.

Setting assigned getting the Sub Wiki login to work, knowing that the Main Wiki login is great, can I make a suggestion to put a simple setting in, say in the Main Wiki Admin Console or in the xwiki.cfg to say something like:


This would be so great, until the Sub Wiki login simple works with Azure AD atleast we can get people signed in, even if they simple land at the Main Wiki login and land at the home page there. I honestly could not careless if this happens rather then they land at the direct link they are trying to go to.