Reference a wikis 'Pretty Name' in Velocity?

I’m setting up xWiki for customer documentation. I’ve got most thing set the way I want in regards to templates for Pages, Wiki Creation.

What I haven’t for the life of me been able to work out how to reference the ‘Pretty Name’ of a wiki to display in the page.

Welcome to the {Wikis Pretty Name} Wiki

So that any new Customer doc wiki created shows the “Customer Name” in any page that we want to reference the name.

For a other pages it was easy enough to work something out. For instance having any new Child page under Main.Sites with info about the site populates on the Main.Sites page. It sets the page Title as a link to the actual page and displays content. Simple enough.

#set ($document =  $xwiki.getDocument("Main.Sites.WebHome"))
#set ($childrenDocs = $document.getChildren())
#foreach ($child in $childrenDocs)
  #set ($childDoc = $xwiki.getDocument($child))
    = [[$childDoc.getDisplayTitle()>>$childDoc]] =

Further to that, display the wiki(Customer Name) on pages on the main wiki to show a sites details somthing like this

Customer ABC -(this is the wiki Pretty Name)
Main Site -(this is the page display name)
content i.e. address:

Hello ,

$ should do the job.

From XWiki Scripting API Reference ( .

Because of the way the velocity language works, this can also be written under the simplified syntax:
$ .

Enjoy XWiki,

Thank you so much. That’s perfect.

I tried a few different things similar to what you had, but I think it must have been a combination of the two, and therefore, wrong.