Regarding working on ideas as GSOC applicant


     My name is Shiv ,final year Computer Science student at one of premier engineering college in India. IRC nick:sp1998
     I have done software eng. internship with one of big tech giant in Bay area last year,wanted to explore open source arena more deeper to enhance my knowledge further  this year.
     I have lot of experience with Java/Networking concepts,REST API,web experience.I find myself able to work on following interesting  ideas:-

    a) PAC4J based universal authenticator
    b) Add a REST API to XWiki Notifications
    c) Improve DokuWiki importer

    I am little bit confused on how to start? How can i show my worth to you or should i directly focus on proposal or any bug patches first or discuss my solution first? I expect mentors of above projects help me.
    Please guide me from here on how to proceed further.


Hi @sp1998 and welcome :slight_smile:

You should take a look at

The best is to select issues related to the project you plan to work on (authentication stuff, notifications,