Reminder: Final evaluation deadline on September 12 - 18:00 UTC (in ~2.5 weeks)

Hello, GSoC contributors (@Pol) and mentors.

I would like to remind you that the final evaluation deadline is due on September 12 - 18:00 UTC, which is in about 2.5 weeks. If not already done so, it’s time to think about what you need to do to wrap up your work and not leave everything on the last minute.

Below is an extract from the timeline:

Sept 5 - 12: Contributors wrap up their projects and submit final work product URL and evaluation of their mentor in their Final Submission form
September 12 - 19: Mentors submit Final Evaluations of contributors
September 20: Initial results of GSoC 2022 are announced

Make sure you are clear on the expectations and do not forget to:

  • properly document, package and release your contributor “work product” (i.e. everything you have worked on during the GSoC) and
  • fill in the final evaluation, when requested by Google.

Contributors and mentors need to work together and make sure the work package respects Google’s requirements. Contributors should not submit the their final evaluation before consulting with the mentor(s) regarding the work package link.

Also, as suggested in the requirements, this would be the perfect time to blog about your experience and the work you’ve done during this summer.

Hope you’ve had a great time so far and that you’ve grown to like XWiki’s community and want to stick around. Also, based on your results, hope to see you on the list of successful contributors ;).

-The XWiki Development Team

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Final notice/reminder for the final evaluation, as just posted on matrix as well:

Hi, @Pol. I don’t see any way of verifying on the GSoC website if you’ve already submitted your final work product for the evaluation. If not, then you should do so ASAP, since the deadline is September 12 - 18:00 UTC, i.e. in about 20 hours.

Failing to submit your product in due time results in an automatic failure from the GSoC project and it would be a shame for that to happen.

If you’ve already done so, then good job and feel free to ignore this message :slight_smile:

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