Remove ldap user in xwiki (keep content)

Due to a misconfiguration (see User page name wrongly named after LDAP attributes) I now need to remove the XWiki user associated with a LDAP-authenticated user (but keep its contents), so that he’ll relogin and have the correct user page, etc.

How do I do that?

I only found this User Management ( but doesn’t talk about LDAP, plus, I am member of XWikiAdminGroup but I don’t see the red “X”… I do not see the Actions column at all:


In each XWiki LDAP user page, you have an object which contain the uid and the DN of the LDAP user. To change the LDAP uid of an XWiki user, you can simply modify that object. You will need to be advanced user to access it.

Ah, cool.

But what about the UID_attr configuration that we discussed in the other thread? I need to fix the page name (and be sure that the userid is correctly associated with the user):


but I’m not seeing that value anywhere among the objects. In fact, they look correct despite the misconfig*:


*: I checked all the fields against a new user made after I fixed the configuration.

Would it be enough to delete the user page and let XWiki recreate it?

The problem with this one was not the uid, but how you configured the page name generation. You could simply rename that page.

Sure, that’s the simplest. The LDAP authenticator will create a new XWiki user when someone login with that uid.