Remove register link in 'hamburger menu'

I use :
Xwiki 12.7.1
Centos 7.9
Tomcat 8.5.57

As stated in the topic’s title, I want to remove the register button for everyone.
I tried to change the rights for unregistered users in rigths panel, but to no avail. The register case is blank but the button is still there and I can register…

Isn’t it possible to have a simple switch in Look & Feel to disable this option?

Thank you for your job.

If you forbid the register right to the “unregistered user” then the button will disappear by itself (just tested it to verify there wasn’t any regression ;)).

PS: I’ve tested this on XWiki 12.10.2 but I guess it should work also on 12.7.1 since it’s a very old feature.

Hi Vincent,

thank you for your answer.

I think that it is what I did… I get this screen, I think this is the good place:

But still, I get:

The website is not yet public, so I don’t want to put a link here.

So, maybe I missed something somewhere? Do I need to restart the app after this change?



But you did not forbid register right, you just not explicitly enabled it, and it’s allowed by default.

Thank you for pointing me in the good direction.

So, for idiots like me, this is what we should see:

Have to click first to green and then to forbidden. These are not toggles, but multi-states buttons.


What I usually do and how rights are configured by default in XWiki Standard is to give the rights you don’t want guest user to have to another user/group (which break inheritance/default) like XWikiAllGroup or XWikiAdminGroup depending on the right. For example here you don’t have to forbid things like Program or Admin which is given to XWikiAdminGroup (and also is false by default anyway in the specific case of those 2 rights).

We have a jira issue about showing the calculated right to have a better understading on how your configuration will apply exactly. It would definitely make things easier to understand and more reassuring.

Hi Thomas,

thank you for the information, I had no idea that the fact I give rights to a group would remove rights to guests… It looks counter intuitive to me.
My plan to manage rights is quite simple. Guest can read and comment, and cannot register.
We create the users (on our own rules) and users will be put in groups with rights.
We will experiment this and see if it works.

I am sorry to say that I have so many things to do that I don’t have time to read all docs before using a program. Else, I would use none… That’s why I complain when something does not look and feel intuitive to me.

Being myself a dev (C, Oracle and shell) and mysql/postgresql/oracle DBA, I always try to do things self explanatory (and when possible, self repairing), with good message when there is an error…

I appreciate your work, but I complain when things are not my way.

Thank you again for your help.

Don’t worry you are not the only one, there are various tickets and design proposals related to improve the right setting UI. Just need to be done now…

Yes it’s a bit counter-intuitive I agree :wink: FYI it’s documented here if you’re looking for full explanations:

We all do!

Constructive criticism is good and when enough people complain about the same topics it increases the urgency to fix it, so keep the complaints coming! :wink: