Remove the login button for guest users commenting



Recently I reworked the log-in button displayed when guest users tried to comment:






After discussing it with Vincent, it seems like this button is not really necessary. It has two main uses:

  1. Give a hint to the user why they need to fill up a name for their comment : “You’re logged out”
  2. Allow to quickly login before posting a comment.

2. is wrong because it assumes the user can login (or register). From our discussion, the reason why guests would be able to comment on pages would often be that the regular wiki “users” are not actually supposed to log in. In this case, we make a promise that cannot be fulfilled. By clicking the button the user expects to be able to log in, but there’s no way for them to get their hands on an account.

1. could be done with a regular text hint.


I propose to remove this login anchor/button and replace it with a small context indicator to explain the meaning of the name field.


What do you think of this proposal? Removing this button/anchor could be seen as a small functional regression, so I wanted to open a topic to be sure there’s no issue with it :slight_smile:

I’ll close this topic next week, on the 21st of May.

Have a good day,
Lucas C.

+1 from me. Thx

Hello! I’ll proceed with the changes described in this topic and propose a PR soon :slight_smile:
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