Remove user access to "Copy" and "Remark" on pages

Hello dear XWiki-Community,

my users, although not allowed to edit pages, can copy them (via click on the three dots and “copy”). There they can also add remarks.
I only want users to be able to comment, like and export pages as pdf. Is this possible?


If users can view and create pages then they can copy them. What good would it do to not allow copy when they can create a new page and copy paste the text from another page? :slight_smile:

There’s a right to comment, see (I assumed that you meant “comments” when you said “remarks”).

The users are not allowed to create pages.
My Wiki is German, but here’s what I mean:

Are you really sure that users don’t have the edit right? (there’s no create right)

Again, don’t give the comment rights if you don’t want your users to be able to comment (and don’t give them edit rights, if you don’t want them to be able to create/modify pages).

What we cannot do is allow users to modify existing pages while forbidding them to create new pages.

This is how the global permissions for the user group look:

They should be able to comment at the bottom of the page, but those “remarks” can apparently be posted all over the page.

Ah by “remarks” you mean “annotations” actually. Yes they are comments and you’ve given the comment right in your screenshot so it’s normal that users can annotate/comment.

OK, thanks.
And what about the “Copy” - can I get rid of this somehow?

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^ +1 We would also like to remove the ‘Copy’ action for users who only have view rights.

I noticed on the XWiki proposal section that I see the option to ‘Copy’ but when I go to perform the copy, I am stopped with a ‘you don’t have the rights to do this…’ message. Is this because I am an unregistered user to the site?

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 7.21.27 PM

Auch von mir +1 für eine Möglichkeit das Recht Kopieren zu unterbinden oder den Eintrag “Kopieren” für eine Nutzergruppen entfernen zu können, denn ohne Erstellrechte läuft das Kopieren eh in eine Fehlermeldung für den Nutzer.

The problem of the copy is that it all depends on the rights of the target location: if in an entire wiki there’s a single place where you have edit right, in theory you can copy any page you can view, in that specific location. So by default we always display the copy action if you have the view right on a page: then performing the action only depends if you manage to find a space where you do have the edit right.

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Makes sense. Thanks!