Removing my Account from XWikiAdminGroup Breaks XWiki Extensions

I recently setup XWiki with a number of sub-wikis for a few different teams to use. I originally setup everything while being logged in with my account, however I now want to remove my admin access because I do not want to have access to everyone’s sub-wikis with my user account. When I remove my account from the XWikiAdminGroup global group the whole system breaks.

Pages render with the following error messages:


Also the Wiki Index doesn’t load, but I am not sure what else breaks. Any idea on how to resolve this?

Edit: Rebooting caused the error messages to go away, however I unable to access the Wiki Index and cannot add any Macros to pages in the main Wiki.


Edit 2: Well looks like I find the real problem, after removing my account the Extensions area fails to load, which essentially breaks all the macros. Still lost on how to resolve this:


If the XWikiAdminGroup has script rights and you remove your user from that group (assuming your user doesn’t have script rights), then all pages that your user is the last author off won’t have script rights anymore, hence these errors.


  • Give script rights to your user prior to removing it from XWikiAdminGroup
  • Transfer authorship to another user who as script rights.

The thing I can’t figure out is how to change the author of the Global Administration page(s), I am pretty sure that is the culprit. I looked at one of the Author Update extensions, but it never pulls up those Administration pages to change.