Renaming Task-Manager Application

hi there,

i use the Task Manager Application and I tried to rename this wikipage and changed the location. After that the entrys changed from Task Manager entrys to normal wikipages and the Task Manager is now empty. Does anyone know how to bring the entrys back? Is there a way to change the location and to rename it?

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Renaming or moving applications is not a good idea ATM (it’s not supported). You will have to modify the code of the Task Manager Application and update all the page references (paths) to point to the new location. Note that even if you manage to make the Task Manager application work again in the new location, you won’t be able to properly upgrade it (with the Extension Manager) when a new version is released.

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thanks mflorea for your reply - that helps me to understand.

Is there an option to install the Task Manager application like a nested page? I need this application in on the second hirarchy level.

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That’s not possible. ATM you can’t control the location where an application is installed. The location is enforced by the application itself.

You can fake it a bit by creating a page on the second hierarchy level that uses the display macro to display the Task Manager home page, but it’s not the same.

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thanks for your reply mflorea

I had an interesting effect. After changing the location of my task manager application the pages with the content of tasks where modified to normal wiki pages. After that I uninstalled the Task manager application and installed it again via the Extension manager. Now i have two Task Manager entries. One is on the highest hirarchy level, what is normal, but the second one is in the second hirarchy, where I wanted it has to be. Great Thing :slight_smile:

Best, Chrlae

To change the process name of window taskbar fix follow the steps such as-

  • open the task manager then click the process tab.
  • click the "image name then right click to change the name according to you then click the properties.
  • now right click the process once again and then click the end process.
  • then go the windows properties then change the name but no not delete the extension file.
  • then click ok then it done.