Rendered Changes in Mail

hi folks,

is it possible to send the rendered changes in the notification mail?


Yes it’s possible, see the doc at

Thank you very much.

I’ve read the article before asking but found no answer how to get the rendered “layout” changes. Did I miss a thing?

My aim is to get something like that in the Mails:


ok I misunderstood your question indeed. So rendered changes is not currently supported in notification emails but that shouldn’t be too hard to implement I guess. You could create a jira issue for it. If you can provide a pull request that would be even more awesome :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to join us on the matrix chat to discuss if you feel like helping.


I would LOVE to contribute something meaningful to xwiki and support your work some more - but i am no programmer an all i’ve learned is just with try an error an no coding experience. Sorry, I think i can’ help here! :frowning:

The only thing i can and will do is to create the jira.

But I can tell you that I have some things in mind where I need help and perhaps, if our company manages to make xwiki our central knowledge management, we can jump into a real paid project in the near future. But I cannot promise that now - there are still some steps to make…

No worries, I was just asking in case you were a tech guy :slight_smile:

If you can contribute back in any way in the future (paid work, support, etc) that would be awesome as it helps us continue funding the development of this project. But first let’s try to have you use XWiki in your company :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I’ll do my very best!

And, just for the record: We have a software engineering team in our own it-service. if they get xwiki on the map as a product, then they can contribute with skills and programming. but i don’t know if they will include xwiki in their strategy. we’ll see.