Replication Application 0.1 released

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the first alpha version of the Replication Application. This project has two main goals:

  • provide a framework to easily share data between configured XWiki instances
  • thanks to this new tool, implement the automatic replication of wiki pages between XWiki instances

The 0.1 features are:

  • a very basic administration UI to link instances between them
  • the main focus of this version was the low level framework:
    • an API is available for anyone to send custom messages and receive them in a component implementing the ReplicationReceiver role
    • failed messages are automatically re-sent
    • remaining messages are re-loaded from a filesystem storage after a restart
  • a basic page replication is available as a demo:
    • replicates all pages located in the Replication space with all the configured replication instances
    • there is no conflict resolution (last one wins) or history correction yet

A new 0.x version is planned to be released every month until the 1.0. The main focus for the next one is to work on conflict handling for wiki page replication.

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