Replication Application 0.12 released

I’m happy to announce the release of Replication Application 0.12. And since I forgot last month, I’m also happy to announce the release of Replication Application 0.11.

In 0.11 the main improvements are:

  • a new very explicit banner is displayed when a document had a replication conflict until someone decide it’s OK and remove the banner
  • new log for messages successfully sent

For 0.12 the focus was on improving even more the logging of sent/received messages and especially the customization of it to associate more metadata with messages and messages events. It also comes with the following:

  • bulletproofed database handling to avoid broken database access during upgrades
  • new concept of “unreplicated” replication message, which used to be sent as delete document messages, the main difference currently if that a document which is not replicated anymore is not kept in the trash bin

See more details on Replication Application (

Hopefully, the next version will be a 1.0. The only extra feature planned right now is the only thing that was blocking the recommendation of this extension: a way to make sure an instance really is what it’s claiming to be (planning a signature based system).

Cool! I’ve skimmed the docs, I hope I didn’t misunderstand: does this produce a 1:1 automated replica (history included) of a page in another wiki?

Yes, it automatically synchronizes a page between two completely different XWiki instances (as long as they can access each other through HTTP/HTTPS).