Replication Application 0.4 released

I’m pleased to announce the fourth alpha version of the Replication Application.

This version fix three important limitations:

  • attachments contents are now replicated too, so there is nothing missing anymore in a document
  • there is now a UI to control which entity is replicated with which instance, the UI still need some love, but I had to stop somewhere to stick to one release per month
  • the extension is now translatable, and you can contribute translations for your language on XWiki Contrib/Application Replication - Default @ Weblate

This version also introduce the concept of restricted replication: you can configure a page to be replicated fully or empty (which will create a placeholder for this page in the target instance).

See more details on Replication Application ( .

The main focus for 0.5 will be:

  • introduce the concept of readonly replication (full replication, but only one way)
  • add monitoring info in the UI (replication status of a given page/instance, force a replication, etc.)