Replication Application 0.5 released

I’m pleased to announce the fifth alpha version of the Replication Application.

The focus of this version were:

  • add the concept of readonly replication (currently only in the backend and not yet exposed in the UI)
  • give more information about the status of the replication for each page
    • what is the replication link with each registered instance
    • were all the messages sent and if not why
    • force a replication in case of lost message or to debug a network problem (only visible to admins)

It also contains various bugfixes.

See more details on Replication Application ( .

The plan for 0.6 is not so much to add new features but more to improve the UI and better expose what currently exist, but I will also work on making sure that it’s possible to swap the default replication controller with a completely different custom system (it’s theoretically the case already, but you always find stuff when you do real experiments).

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