Replication Application 0.6 released

I’m pleased to announce the sixth alpha version of the Replication Application.

I promised no new feature for this version, but I could not resist, so here are the main news:

  • a new relay system allow connecting instances which don’t know each other through others, it also works around network problems between two of the instances can’t communicate directly for some reason but can through another one. Any instance automatically act as a relay.
  • it’s now possible to hardcode a specific instance name and URL if you are not happy with the user oriented generate URL (might be different from the URL you want instances to communicate with each other)
  • the control of the replication is now located in the page administration (instead of in the Replication tab below each page). It makes a bit more sense there than in a location which is supposed to give information about a page, and it allows controlling the replication of a page’s childen even if it does not have a home page, but the downside it makes it’s not possible anymore to configure replication for a final page (need Loading... to fix that)
  • the instances administration contains more information about the status of the various registered instances (queue of messages to send, communication problems, etc.)

As usual, a few bugs have been fixed and other less appealing improvements added.

See more details on

The plan for 0.7 is to spend some more time on the UI, fix the long-standing limitation that changing the replication configuration was not immediately triggering the replication of existing content and add the concept of document owner (the instance which originally created a replicated document).

Sounds like a great tool! The relay capability will make it very flexible. Looking forward to trying it