Request a wiki for a collaborative project

I’d like to create a wiki about content strategy.

The goal is to enable a group of people to work together to
Identify the pool of content strategy topics
Gather existing resources and examples for each topic
Identify gaps in resources and examples, and work together to fill those gaps

Wiki name:
Content strategy

Owner name:
Hilary Marsh

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Hello! My wiki doesn’t seem to be working. When I try to access it, I just see the following error message:

Wiki [contentstrategy] is initializing (99%)…

Can you help me resolve this?

Many thanks!


The wiki did finally appear – according to another message on the forum, it seems that the servers are very slow. Is this something you’ll be fixing?

Also, even though I am logged in, I don’t see the commands at the top of the page allowing me to add or edit pages.

Thanks again,



we indeed experienced some slowness of the server lately, but we didn’t had time yet to deeply investigate on it. We will certainly try to upgrade the server in the coming weeks so it should improve the situation.

Are you logged-in with the account ? From what I see this account is still the owner of the wiki and had created at least a page in the past, so unless you changed something in the rights of your wiki you should still be able to perform edition with this account.

Actually it’s impossible to remove edit right from the owner of the wiki.