Request for a new contrib : application-AI project

Hello everyone,

I’m Matéo, bachelor student in computer science. I reach to you today because as part of my internship in XWikiSAS, I will work on an AI integration project.

The goal is to build AI integrations for XWiki, both with OpenAI GPT but also open source AI engines. At this point we are in the design phase. We have started the page on this link and will start planning tasks on the contrib JIRA project.

The project name should be application-AI (let me know if you have a better idea) and I will need a contrib GitHub access and a JIRA project.



AI sounds very generic and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better to have a project name that reflects the purpose of the extension rather than a buzzword. So what are you planning? Is this about an assistant that allows asking questions about the wiki content? Is this about providing assistance in writing wiki content? Is this about classifying wiki content? Is this about producing captions for videos? Is this about generating images to illustrate articles? Is this about producing animations based on drawings? Is this about better image up-scaling? Is this about removing unwanted objects from images? Is this about writing image captions? Is this about scoring answers to quiz questions automatically? All of this is in the scope of “AI” but I don’t think all of this should be in a single project.


I agree with Michael that application-ai is very generic and broad and is going take up an important namespace.

If this is to generate content as ChatGPT Integration to generate/update page content - XWiki (by generating content it means for ex : result of questions asked to the AI engine, summary of existing content, translation of existing content), then it could be: application-generation-content-ai or application-content-generation-ai or application-ai-content-generation or something related.

I get the point from Michael and you, indeed a name like

is better to describe the project !

To clarify, here the functionalities we want to implement at first are mainly about providing assistance in writing content and also asking questions about the wiki content.

ok so this is not about generating content and wouldn’t fit with a application-content-generation-ai name.

Another way of viewing it would be by technology, since the code to use ChatGPT or another AI engine is different. However, the XWiki integration can be the same independently of the AI engine and the engine used can even be made configurable in the Admin UI. So probably not the best to use something like application-chatgpt.

So to recap we need a name that doesn’t forbid someone else to contribute another ai-related repo while having a generic name since I understand the goal is to release together (ie same version and sharing common code) a set of AI-related features (for now content generation assistance + AI-powered search).

Since this is about using LLM engines and what they can offer, what about application-ai-llm?


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Indeed it’s smart to name it by the tech it uses, since this is supposed to evolve on time, and I think a lot of things could be done with this project.

This seems to englobe everything the project is and will be about, except if someone think otherwise I think it could be it.

I think that the kind of responsibilities you can give to a LLM will not change with the model used and over time (maybe widden, but that’d be fine :slight_smile: ) , so +1 for application-ai-llm.

  • Other natural language processing tools and techniques would not fit in this category.
    E.g. whisper that we could use for video transcripts
  • Using LLMs is definitely overkill for some of the AI ideas listed in this forum topic you linked on the design page. Using natural language is expensive computationally (and energetically…) and I think we should avoid using it where it’s not necessary to improve user experience :slight_smile: .
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ok, I’m going to create the GH repo and JIRA using application-ai-llm.



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