Request for a new contrib repository -Snap package of XWiki

hello everyone,
I’d like to request a new contrib repository for Snap Package of XWiki(GSoC2022).
It would include the snap package of the XWiki (with and without the embedded database )and also required documentation to build the following snap.

Preferred name for xwiki-contrib repository : Snap of XWiki
My GitHub username: VedantPol

If you require any other details, please let me know
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Pol,

See Requesting a project for the details of how to request a contrib project.

Your repository name will probably just be snap if we follow what we did for aws.
You’ll also need a Jira project to create and update your tasks, I suggest XSNAP.

Soon you will also need:

  • a Project pages on to describe and document the project.
  • A CI job to automatically build and test the snaps. Ideally it should be managed using maven
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hey @mleduc ,
Sorry to revive this old post but I would like to go ahead with the name XSNAP.
is there anything else I need to ask for a contrib repository? (like a JIRA project)

Regarding the naming, I find snap to be shortish and not very expressive (the term snap means a lot of things in English).

What about packaging-snap and adding the packaging- prefix to the list at (we could rename aws into packaging-aws too).

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@Pol packaging-snap created GitHub - xwiki-contrib/packaging-snap: Snap package of XWiki

I’ll let your Gsoc advisors update your rights, for now you can create pull requests.

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Jira project created Loading...