Request for a new non-profit social wiki #ProjectAyni

Thanx for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with this community. Our proposal to enrich it is the following:

Description: We are a group of social workers that are exploring ways to build a social platform that enables citizens to propose public policies for our global and local world and promote the star up specific actions that transform our society and power real democracy. So, a wiki it’s an excellent place to start collecting and discussing all this public knowledge and possible solutions to specific problems. It is not that there isn’t solutions to the problems of our world; it is that we are desegregated and need to organize our common knowledge and ideas.

Owner name: David Cortés (Sutt003).

Wiki name: Project Ayni. Which in our principal indigenous language of south American andes, means community, cooperation, solidarity.

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !