Request for a private wiki for everything about bean to bar chocolate making

This wiki should be used for chocolate making from bean to bar
name of the wiki: cocoa
name of wiki owner: Michael Beck

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

I filled it with few content meanwhile as testing, but lost my administration suddenly.
That means I am regular user and cannot administer my wiki anymore.
Any suggestions?

Looks like you created a new local “cocoa” user in the wiki so when you login with id “cocoa” you are logged with that new local user instead of the global one that was set as owner of the wiki (so a totally different user which just happen to have a similar suffix technically).

I can think of several possibilities:

  • get rid of that new local cocoa user to unhide the global one (unless you want this user to appear in the user index of the wiki ?)
  • set the new local cocoa user as owner of the wiki (I think that works too, to be tested)
  • register a new global user on and make it the owner instead of cocoa

Hmm, good idea. I tried to find, how to

  • get rid of the new cocoa user. Failed.
  • set it as owner. Failed
  • register a new one and make it owner. Failed as well.

As I am no more admin of cocoa, I cannot change anything, or is there a place I have not looked at?
Thanks for helping.

I did not said you where the one who should do it :slight_smile: My previous message was actually more a question on which solution you prefer.

:laughing: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
So first option would be fine.
Could you please manage it for me?

Should be OK now.

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