Request for contrib repository for LLM benchmark

Hi everyone,

to evaluate LLMs and the RAG (context) support from the AI LLM application, @ppantiru and I will develop a small evaluation framework and perform a benchmark. We discussed that it would be best to have a new contrib repository for this as we would like to also put the evaluation results into the same repository, and it seems weird to mix such evaluation results with the actual extension code, in particular as the result files could be a bit bigger.

What do you think about application-ai-llm-benchmark as repository name to indicate the relationship to the existing application-ai-llm repository?

Thank you very much!

The new naming policy suggest to not have the type of extension in the name (application here). See

So I’d propose ai-llm-benchmark instead (and we can rename application-ai-llm to ai-llm too, GitHub follows renames so shouldn’t be a problem).