Request for MyXWiki deletion


I registered a MyXWiki around 9 months ago to be used for a project. The project never started. I’ve been trying to log into my account so I can delete the page. The username (displayed in the link) is associated with my ex-colleague, yet the MyXWiki page displays my name.

He was annoyed by this and asked me to delete the page. I was trying to login because I forgot the password (it’s been 9 months of no use). I tried the “Forgot my password”, but the server keeps timing out.

Any help is appreciated. I want to delete the account entirely, so if that’s easier for you to do, then please go ahead.

Thank you!

This is the wiki:

The Wiki ID, I suppose is “kejigger”, which is also my user ID, I think.
I’ll provide whatever is necessary. Thank you.

Hi, just to be clear, would you like that the user kejigger to be deleted or the whole wiki to be deleted?

If the issue is just credentials, I can provide new ones for you.

Will need to check the “forget my password” feature on to see why it’s timing out.


Hello vmassol,

Thank you for the help!

I would like both to be deleted, the wiki and the user, if that’s possible.

Thanks again.

This is a user, not the wiki. I couldn’t find any wiki named kejigger. Are you sure there’s one? Could you provide the link?

I have now deleted the kejigger user on

Thank you! You solved my problem!