Request for new wiki (newfil)

Hi, we would like to request a new wiki for our non for profit organisation.

  • description : knowledge base website for the Filipino student council of NSW
  • owner name : newfilcouncil
  • wiki name : newfil

Thank you!

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Thank you!

Would it be possible to change the domain name from to (don’t do it yet, just inquiring)

If I have control over the servers, I know that it can be done by changing /etc/host files and point the DNS servers to the appropriate servers. However, would you be willing to do that for non profit wikis? If you could point me to links or technologies that can enable this without editing anything on the myxwiki servers, that’s actually more preferred.

Actually what you describe here is a way to control how requests executed from are resolved.

All you need to do for to end on your wiki is adding a CNAME in your DNS targeting

When you are done and you also need external URLs generated from your wiki to contain the this domain too we can modify the default domain on is more a test for us than a loss leader :slight_smile: Since it’s easy to do, there is no security risk and it does not impact the performances it’s fine with us.