Request for new Xwiki account for non profit organisation open source, Codeuino

As we are a non-profit open source organisation so this wiki will help us to main our docs along with it create a passage for discussion and sharing views.
Owner Name - Jaskirat Singh
xwiki required - codeuino


Hey ! Any updates on this ?

Hi sorry for the delay (the dev who’s usually handling those requests is on holidays ;)).

Your wiki is ready:


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Thanks but can we get a custom made domain thus ??

And who has write for it to make new accounts if we want to offer to other members under codeuino organisation ?

you’re the owner of this wiki so you have all rights so you can create accounts, invite users, set their permissions, etc.

Can you send me the guide for it ? How to do all these things ? And where can we give our org logo, name etc ?

Ok we’re going to have a problem because you’re supposed to do the support yourself! See the contract on

If you need specific help please open a thread on this forum but first do your homework by reading all the docs on since it’s frowned upon to ask questions that are readily available by searching a bit on or just asking google… :wink:

For support, see


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Can please also install our xwiki :wink:
Please see my post under this

Hey we want to delete this wiki can you do that.