Request for new xwiki-contrib repository and JIRA project for Kroki macro

Hello XWiki community, I would like to request a xwiki-contrib repository and JIRA project for a macro based on this proposal Mermaid Integration - XWiki and the additional suggestions from the comments in the JIRA issue [EXOIDEA-5] Extension for Mermaid diagrams - JIRA.
This macro will provide Kroki support by letting users provide a diagram format, image format, and the diagram’s text content, which will be processed by Kroki hosted in a docker container, and the image returned will be inserted in the page.
Prefered name for xwiki-contrib repository: macro-kroki
My github username: ApostuDaniel
My JIRA username: dapostu

Thank you and let me know if you need more details.

Hi Daniel,

Please follow the dev practices from (i.e the one from XWiki Development Zone - XWiki). For JIRA, see Development Practices - XWiki


Thank you